Navigating the Future: The Rise of Cloud-Based Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Did you know that according to Allied Market Research, the global building automation system market is projected to reach $194.9 billion by 2030? In 2021, it was valued at $75.8 billion. A lot has changed in the span of a few years and the building automation industry has progressed in leaps and bounds. We have the rise of cloud-based technologies to thank for that. 

IoT, AI, Cloud are the three major players that have taken the BCAD game to a whole new level. Networks, connected systems and intuitive living spaces drive the market today. And there seems to be no stopping it. Where will it go next? Come, let us take an elevator to the future and trace how cloud-based building automation systems (BAS) will evolve and transform what we know about building systems today.

Why are Cloud-based building automation systems in demand?

Cloud is everywhere today. Cloud-oriented platforms have seeped into every digital aspect today and it should not come as a surprise that it has taken over building systems as well. Cloud-based BAS leverages connected networks to create dynamic operations, making it easy for users to manage them. Let us break down the reasons Cloud-based BAS is a hit in modern times.


In the ever-changing market, standards are changing every minute and businesses have to keep up with demands. But once businesses invest in a solution, they often have to stick to it to avoid losses and transition efforts. What they need is a solution that is flexible enough to keep up with alterations and shifting needs. Cloud-based systems provide this advantage allowing their operations to evolve with the times by incorporating software upgrades and adapting to technological advancements. Thus Cloud-based building systems provide value and reduce risks.

Remove access

Facility managers and building operators have an extra advantage when managing Cloud-based building systems. Since the building is connected to the Cloud, they can access all systems remotely. Physical presence is not a mandate to control processes. This is a godsend in times when remote working has become a norm and when managers have buildings under their management across locations.

Energy efficiency

BAS maintains energy efficiency by monitoring systems closely and eliminating excess energy usage. Advanced HVAC systems, lighting controls and sustainable infrastructures reduce the environmental footprint while allowing businesses to enjoy cost savings.


Technology today cannot go ahead without making their interface user-friendly. We are at the height of UI/UX efficacy and BAS does not disappoint in that aspect. Making daily living intuitive and processes swift, BAS promises comfort with minimal learning curve.

Data monitoring

Cloud-based BAS enable users to access advanced data analytics to process vast amounts of data. This information can be crucial insights that businesses can leverage to make actionable efforts. Maintaining optimum production conditions, predicting errors and anomalies and taking necessary preventative measures are some ways in which data analytics can benefit businesses.

Future of BAS

The BAS market is not stopping any time soon. Artificial Intelligence is only at the beginning of its evolution so we have a lot more to expect from building automation efficacy. Add to it machine learning and more advancements. Imagine buildings that can predict environmental changes and alter temperatures, safety and other features accordingly in advance without users having to change controls. That is the seamless comfort we can look forward to a couple of years down the line. Moreover, we can anticipate connected smart buildings and integrated building complexes that work together as a unit.

BAS and Messung

Building automation is evolving every day and Messung stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. With our commitment to continuous innovation, we are determined to bring forth smarter, more intuitive and advanced solutions. We are always on the path to improving our offerings and ensuring that you are equipped with the latest high-end product for optimal performance.

Keeping our technological expertise aside, we also maintain our core values of reliability and trust. We are your backbone as you get ahead in the market. We provide you the technology to maintain smooth operations while you increase your turnover year by year. Messung is your smart choice for optimizing your building and industry processes.