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Liquid Differential Pressure Transmitter with Remote Sensors

PS-231G-RS Series

The PS-231G-RS Series with remote sensors reduces labor, materials, and time. The sensors are installed directly into the pipe and electrical connection is made between the remote sensors and the PS-231G-RS via cables or conduit, reducing labor cost by one-third and the cost of copper to connect the pressure transducer to the pipe.

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Liquid Static Pressure Sensors

PS-2091 Series

The PS-2091 Liquid Static Pressure Sensor Series is designed for reliability and versatility at an affordable price. It offers exceptional ±0.25% FS accuracy with pressure ranges from 1 PSI up to 10,000 PSI to meet a multitude of demanding applications.

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Liquid Differential Pressure Sensors

PS-2301 Series

The PS-2301 Series liquid differential pressure sensors with valve manifold is highest accuracy solution for monitoring differential pressure in wet-to-wet applications. Its single diaphragm design enables a true wet-to-wet differential pressure measurement with superior ±0.25% FS accuracy compared to competitive units which calculate differential pressure using two single point pressure sensors.

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Multi-Range Low Differential Pressure Transducer

PS-2671 Series

The PS-2671 Series is a highly configurable multirange low differential pressure transducer. It offers multi-range capability with 6 field selectable ranges and 2 field selectable outputs that are easily configured by flipping a Dip Switch.

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Low Air Differential Pressure Transmitters

PS-ADP Series

This series of low-pressure transmitters can be used to measure positive, negative or differential pressure in ranges from 1”W.C. to 20”W.C. (250 to 2000Pa). The piezoresistive sensor is ideal for monitoring the pressure of air or other clean inert gases and is limited only to those media which will not attack polyetherimide, silicon, fluorosilicone, silicone, EPDM, and neoprene seals.

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Air Pressure Switches


The PS-ADPSXXXP Series air flow switches are a general purpose airflow proving switch designed for HVAC and Energy Management applications. It may be used to sense positive, negative, or differential air pressure.

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Ultra Low Air Differential Pressure Transmitters


The PS-AULDP Series are ultra-low-pressure transmitters. These devices can be used to measure differential pressure between an area and a reference space. It combines precision high sensitivity silicon sensing capabilities and the latest in ASIC technology with Dynamic Self Compensation.

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Liquid Differential Pressure Switches

PS-DXW Series

The PS-DXW Series is a differential pressure switch that makes a contact output based on the differential between two pressure sources. Wetted materials of brass and fluoroelastomer are suitable for use with most gases and water based solutions.

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Liquid Differential Pressure Transmitters

PS-LDP Series

The PS-LDP Series differential pressure transmitter is designed with dual sensors that enables it to accept high pressure ranges (5 Psi to 500 Psi). All models can handle overload pressure two times (2x) and burst pressure five times (5x) the maximum full scale range.

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Liquid Static Pressure Transmitters

PS-LSP Series

The PS-LSP Series gauge transmitter is designed with a single sensor and is capable of handling pressure ranges from 5 Psi to 500 Psi. All models can handle overload pressure two times (2x) and burst pressure five times (5x) the maximum full scale range.

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Multi-Range Critical Pressure Transducer

PS-MRC Series

The PS-MRC Series is a multi-range low differential pressure transducer uses a dead-ended capacitive sensing element that requires minimal amplification and delivers excellent accuracy and longterm stability.

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Multi-Range General Pressure Transducer

PS-MRG Series

The PS-MRG Series is a differential pressure transducer. The PS-MRG Series is the ideal product for any contractor, combining the flexibility of a multi-range with the performance of a single range transducer.

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Multi-Room Monitoring Station


The Multi-Room Monitoring Station (MRMS) is designed for installation in a central location, such as nurses station or main control room. It is designed to be flush mounted to provide remote viewing and alarm monitoring for up to 8 rooms or critical spaces equipped with Pressure and Room Condition Monitors.

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Differential Pressure Air Flow Sensor Probes

PS-PAFS Series

The PS-PAFS Differential Pressure Air Flow Sensor Probes are ideal for sensing differential pressure in the inlet section of variable air volume terminal units and fan terminal units. Units can also be used to sense differential pressure at other locations in the main or branch duct systems.

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Room Pressure Monitor

PS-SRCM Series

The Room Pressure and Condition Monitor utilizes highly accurate capacitance sensing technology to measure and display true low pressure differential. A room pressure monitor is employed to measure and alert the individual of any change in pressure - no matter how small.

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