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Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors

LS-CM Series

The CM Series of ceiling mount occupancy sensors provide a range of sensor solutions for applications with finished ceilings (e.g., ceiling tiles, sheetrock, plaster).

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High Bay End-of-Aisle Sensor


High Bay Aisle Way lighting control is easily accomplished by the LS-HMB 10 Series Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor. This low voltage sensor easily installs to a standard junction box through a 1/2 inch knockout.

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Power Packs

LS-PP20 Series

Power packs are the heart of the low voltage sensor system. An LS-PP20 Series power pack transforms Class I high voltage (120/277 VAC) to Class 2 15 VDC for powering remote sensors.

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Switch Pods

LS-sPODM Series

The Push-Button SwitchPod Series of low voltage wall stations interface with standard Sensor Switch occupancy sensors and power packs in order to implement a wide range of single and bi-level switching applications.

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Wide View Sensor


The LS-WVPDT16 Dual Technology Wide View Sensor provides line of sight PIR detection of small movements up to 40 ft (12.19 m) away, and combines overlapping Microphonics™ for detection around obstructions, so total coverage of the room is always maintained no matter how cluttered the space becomes.

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