The Future of Buildings: Trends in Building Automation with Messung

trends in building automation

Futuristic design is a popular demand in the current market. But what does the word futuristic mean precisely? Future-centric design utilizes the latest technological advancements available in the market. But Messung is so much more than that. At Messung, we have an innovation mindset. We are always on the lookout for effective solutions no matter what tech we use. When we are faced with a requirement, we ask how we can make our client’s operations efficient? How can the processes be smoother while reducing errors and optimizing production at the same time? 

We don’t go for the latest tech out there just for the sake of it. We weigh the pros and cons and utilize the most useful technology for our client’s needs. And we are not afraid to evolve with the trends. That’s what Messung’s building automation solutions can offer for your business. Curious to learn more about the current trends in BCAD? Read on to update yourself on the latest inventions in building automation.

Cloud-Based Building Automation

IoT, AI, Cloud are the three major players that have taken the BCAD game to a whole new level. Networks, connected systems and intuitive living spaces drive the market today. And there seems to be no stopping it. Cloud-oriented platforms have seeped into every digital aspect today and it should not come as a surprise that it has taken over building systems as well. Cloud-based BAS leverages connected networks to create dynamic operations, making it easy for users to manage them. 

Data Monitoring

The world today runs on data. And so can your buildings. We have found the more effective ways to optimize data to improve building performance. Cloud-based Building Automation Systems enable users to access advanced data analytics to process vast amounts of data. This information can be crucial insights that businesses can leverage to make actionable efforts. Maintaining optimum production conditions, predicting errors and anomalies and taking necessary preventative measures are some ways in which data analytics can benefit businesses.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is only at the beginning of its evolution so we have a lot more to expect from building automation efficacy. Add to it machine learning and more advancements. Imagine buildings that can predict environmental changes and alter temperatures, safety and other features accordingly in advance without users having to change controls. That is the seamless comfort we can look forward to a couple of years down the line. Moreover, we can anticipate connected smart buildings and integrated building complexes that work together as a unit. 

Remote access

Integrating Cloud to building management means connecting the system to the internet. This means users can access systems from anywhere. AI-powered analytics open up ways for managers and users to work on complex processes completely online without the need to be present at the location. When handling multiple buildings at once and coordinating with various systems, remote access becomes a boon. It reduces time wastage and allows multiple resources to work on projects and contribute to ticket resolutions or any requirements that may arise. Decisions can be made promptly and issues resolved immediately without the liability of travel and on-site arrangements. 


As systems become more intelligent, customized solutions have gone to the past. Technologies are no longer segmented and customized for specific requirements. Customers can now input their personal needs and receive a tailor-made system that responds to their particular arrangement, needs and also change as per circumstances. Historical data, user interaction, behavioural patterns are also taken into consideration by the AI/ML systems to learn, adapt and change the way it functions, allowing for optimized performance. With the right technology, your building system can evolve into the perfect infrastructure your business needs.

Steering the future with Messung 

Messung is ushering in the future of buildings. Our building systems make use of futuristic design with state of the art facilities that makes accessibility and performance a breeze for a wide variety of industries. Our building automation solutions are popular because of the ease of operations they contribute to. Don’t just take our word for it. Our extensive experience speaks for itself. So do our client testimonials from across India spanning industry wide – from pharma to packaging and more. With our BCAD systems, you can relax while our automated functions take care of your needs. So if you are looking for an automated answer to take your business to a new level of innovation, choose Messung today.