Access Control

Integrating all your control, monitoring & operational needs

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Web-based multi-protocol building management platform

  • Cost effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring and operational needs
  • Operational effectiveness delivers cost savings of 30%
  • The first and only Smoke Control System based on the NiagaraAX Framework™

Productivity Enhancing Tools & Mobile Apps

Combines powerful graphical programming with other productivity-boosting tools

  • Increase efficiency from design to installation and commissioning by more than 25%
  • Quality service and improved response time to occupant needs
  • An array of engaging and intuitive mobile apps
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Responsive, web-based design and visualization interface

  • Delivers the art and science of actionable visual knowledge and powerful user experience
  • Easily monitor and visualize your building's performance and respond to occupants' needs, anywhere, from any device

EC-NetAX EnerVue

Configurable, graphics oriented Web-based energy management dashboard

  • Actionable analytics to track/drive your building's performance
  • Share sustainability initiatives
Energy Management
wireless mesh networks,
  • Connected IP and Wi-Fi Connected Product Series Choose wired (star or daisy-chain topologies), Wi-Fi (access point, client, hotspot and mesh) or combine both on a same controller, to suit your building’s IT infrastructure, architecture & layout
  • Minimize installation and ownership costs
  • As part of your integrated building management system, or as a stand-alone solution for small building and equipment control with ENVYSION™

Smart Room Control

A unified, synergetic solution for HVAC, Lighting, and Shades/ Sunblind control

  • Achieve demonstrated energy savings in excess of 30% on HVAC and up to 60% on lighting
  • Simplifies design, installation and integration of multi-application systems
  • Deliver optimal energy savings using occupancy-based control strategies, daylight harvesting based on light level sensing and natural light optimization
Energy Management
HVAC system

HVAC Controllers

Vast array of leading technology BACnet and LONWORKS controllers, based on a robust common hardware platform

  • Cost effectively address the demands of even the most complex projects
  • Exceptional flexibility delivered by its set of state-of-the-art features
  • Models with live graphics color display, for up to 20% savings in commissioning time

EC-NetAX Security

A complete access control, video surveillance and smoke control solution, providing you with state-of-the-art security and privacy features

  • Easily configured and managed
  • Can be integrated into your building management system, IT, and enterprise applications
  • Quickly access video playback and remotely view activity
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and air conditioning service

Room Devices

From communicating sensors, to wireless, battery-less devices, to mobile apps

  • Easily adjust comfort settings in any environment
  • Increase occupant satisfaction, productivity and engagement
  • Innovative ECO-Vue™ feature graphically indicates energy consumption in real time promoting energy conscious behavior

Open-to-Wireless™ Solution

Wireless battery-less sensor solution

  • Increases flexibility and adaptability in any environment
  • Up to 15% cost savings in new constructions and 70% in retrofits
  • Preserve building envelope and architectural integrity, thereby increasing energy efficiency by up to 15%
  • Improve energy savings by implementing demand-controlled ventilation and occupancy-based control, while maintaining optimal indoor air quality
Wireless Systems
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Mobile Apps

A free mobile app that allows occupants to view or set comfort parameters at all times from a mobile device

  • Deliver a unique and intuitive interface for building occupants
  • Increase employee productivity by up to 9% by providing them with control over their environmental settings

Field Devices

Quality and performance proven products complementing your building automation requirements, for a complete cost effective solution

wireless mesh networks