Unified and Integrated Building Management System

An innovative complete building automation and energy management system that is core to your building's comfort, security, environmental quality and sustainability requirements.

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A web-based, multi-protocol building management platform that enables cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring and operational needs.


A responsive, web-based design and visualization interface that helps you easily monitor and visualize your building’s performance and respond to occupants’ needs, anywhere, from any device.

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Web Browser

Web-based Graphical User Interface for remote access control and monitoring of your system.

Mobile Apps

A free mobile app that allows occupants to view or set comfort parameters at all times from a mobile device. It helps increase employee productivity by up to 9% by providing them with control over their environmental settings.

Mobile Apps
environmental control systems

EC-NetAX Enervue

A configurable, graphics oriented Web-based energy management dashboard that provides actionable analytics to track/drive your buildings performance.

EC-NetAX Security

A complete access control, video surveillance and smoke control solution, providing state-of-the-art security and privacy features. It is easily configured and managed, and can be integrated into your building management system, IT and enterprise applications.

Mobile Apps