Modular ECLYPSE IP Controller

ECY-S1000 Series

Ideal for central plant and mechanical equipment control, it is modular and scalable, to effectively address any HVAC application, up to 320 points.

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Mini ECLYPSE IP Controller

ECY-303 Series

Designed to control rooftop units and small air handling units, as well as heat pumps, fan coils and chilled beam applications, features a diversified I/O count in a compact design and footprint for easy in-cabinet installation.

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Compact ECLYPSE IP Controller


Designed to control terminal units such as fan coils, chilled beams, heat pumps, and radiant/reversible ceilings.

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IP VAV Controller

ECY-VAV Series

Control any variable air volume application out of the box. Also features a model with power over Ethernet.

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